Open Doors Thame

Thame Businesses meet the community

What is Open Doors?

2017 event cancelled

Meet local companies opening their doors to the public in Thame High Street Car Park.

See Farm tractors, Fork lift trucks, Diggers, Mowers, Printing technology, Interactive digital signage, and a host of service providers including marketing consultants and event organisers, all on display and engaging with the public.

Why Attend?

Businesses in Thame are part of the local community, an essential part of the local economy, yet most people remain blissfully ignorant of the diversity. Many of your employees live in Thame, some of your suppliers and service providers are based locally, and Open Doors provides the opportunity to connect with these and more.


Thame Service Station

Visit their website here.

Small Business Saturday

Lord Williams’s Premises

Visit their website here.

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in attending, please complete the Open Doors Registration Form